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As I'm reading the thread, I think there's people who without concrete evidence will never admit that the vaccines are bad for a larger percentage of the population that was originally admitted.

Doesn't matter how much percentage of heart attacks, strokes or heart issues that happen among the vaccinated you will not get anything from them.

I'm watching most of the highly vaccinated rich countries in Europe, the UK, Ireland and obviously Israel be devastated by Covid...While Africa, most of poor Asia and most of South America seem just fine since Omnicom became the main virus in August.

I say if you don't believe and you trust the FDA/NIH/CDC and Big Pharma then more power to you!

Get those shots, inject your teens, children and babies!

Obviously, they're safe because the FDA and Big Pharma have never introduced medications or vaccines that are bad or have killed people right?

Big Pharma has never lost thousands of cases and had to pay billions in fines and in lawsuit payouts...NEVER.

They have never been caught hiding data, erasing data, lying under oath OR FALSIFYING DATA...Right?

Great track record.

I suggest if you think it's safe you continue with your 4th vaccination in less than a year, because that totally makes sense.

Please please please take your vaccinations.

In 3 years, data from multiple studies will come out and then we can figure out who's right or wrong...Of course you all signed away liability with that waiver so good luck if anything does go wrong.

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This is a nice post. I am sorry you are getting mobbed by all these cranks. They don't seem to understand that statistics is about inference and you are not proposing any inference here. It is perfectly legitimate to discuss an anomaly like the large number of cardiac events in football players. I have been a part of many a medical study that begins by seeing an unusual spike or cluster of events in descriptive data like the above. Especially when there are well-established pathways by which the vaccine may lead to micro-clotting it is an issue worthy of the public's attention.

I notice that these commenters are all irate but immediately start tripping over their own shoelaces when trying to do any math. and don't seem to even agree what the problem is. I don't smell a lot of actual statistical background here. Thanks for posting this interesting analysis.

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We all know, as Mark Twain said, there are 3 types of lie: lies, dammed lies and statistics. That's why Bill Gates endorsed the book "How to Lie with Statistics".

You don't have to be a statistician or even very bright to see exactly whats happening here with all these sudden heart attacks in super fit sportsmen and women.

In fact, most predictive medical statisticians (i.e. epidemiologists) have been shown to be not very good (See Niall Ferguson's track record of getting every prediction completely wrong) and not very smart....its almost like "if you fail at everything else, become an epidemiologist!"

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Among the 'vaccinated' public, the biggest deterrent to admitting that these collapsing and dying situations are statistically significant is the requirement to admit that, "I was foolish and I was duped into doing this". That's because most human beings are weak, greedy, scared and gullible.

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excellent article. Cheers

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Please treat this with some skepticism as the doctor in question allegedly has a track record of some dubious claims - that said the American Heart Association have published it. If it's true though, there's your explanation and it would suggest based on the claims that sports people should probably take 2.5 months off after the shots, that's how long they claim the effect persists. The link was circulated by the inventor of mrna vaccines.

I don't like the modern world. There's too much fake information, but there's also too many coincidences to swallow, and the people we used to trust to investigate things are no longer themselves trustworthy.

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This study published on Nov. 8, 2021 in Circulation states the following:

"We conclude that the mRNA vacs dramatically increase inflammation on the endothelium and T cell infiltration of cardiac muscle and may account for the observations of increased thrombosis, cardiomyopathy, and other vascular events following vaccination".


I am not a doctor but this paper seems to support that the mRNA vaccines are associated with the heart damage and/or failure seen in elite athletes.

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In order for this to be relevant to the overall conversation in which it's being deployed, you need to list the number of these deaths who were vaccinated, the number who had contracted covid prior (including potentially an asymptomatic case), the number who had both, and the number who had neither. Unfortunately that's going to be difficult to intuit without a lot of leg work. I do commend you on the leg work you did do, however.

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Fighting age males, who would want to wipe out a civilizations fighting age males? On an unrelated matter, China's army consists almost entirely of " only sons" because of the brilliant "1 child policy" . Every soldier represents the last in a family line, weird. Probably unrelated.

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This is not a rigorous statistical analysis in any way, and is extremely misleading. There are all kinds of holes in the methodology. Why not refer to some actual peer reviewed literature? The consideration of pre-pandemic figures is severely lacking here, along with information like whether subjects have been vaccinated and/or had the virus. The virus can cause heart problems too, of course.

Sports people were collapsing with heart problems long before Covid. Look at this 2018 study about the increasing phenomenon amongst young footballers: https://www.theguardian.com/science/2018/aug/08/more-young-footballers-dying-of-heart-problems-than-thought-fa-study-finds

And this study of worldwide football (2014-2018) completely disputes the numbers we see in the above analysis: https://bjsm.bmj.com/content/early/2020/12/23/bjsports-2020-102368

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The number of deaths from SCD and SUD in FIFA registered players between 2014 and 2018 is 617. Please refer to https://bjsm.bmj.com/content/early/2020/12/23/bjsports-2020-102368

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When it comes to data collection and statistical analysis, this is truly amateur hour.

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Why do the rely on Wikipedia? Is that reliable data? According to the study "FIFA Sudden Death Registry (FIFA-SDR): a prospective, observational study of sudden death in worldwide football from 2014 to 2018" ( Egger, F. , Scharhag, J. , Kästner, A. , Dvorák, J. , Bohm, P. , Meyer, T., 2020) there were 617 "sudden deaths" in between 2014-2018 (albeit not all because of cardiac problems). That's way more than the claimed 4,2 deaths per year. So I would take the above article with a grain of salt.

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The FIFA link you sent says 262 MILLIONS not THOUSANDS, which then will make 5300 death expected with (already fragile) calculation

Good luck finding 5300 deaths.

please remove you article or at least correct it and show that it is total bullshit

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please mention now the forbidden words. Every symptom clots and Myocarditis are side effects of the so called MRNA Injections

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I'm seeing 14 deaths in the Wikipedia page linked. There are 10-11 deaths in 2016 and 2017. Why is the 5x gap not showing here?

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